What makes one company fun to work for and when will your employees go the extra mile.

You can’t change culture overnight, but it isn’t impossible to change it either.
Here are some levers to impact the culture in your company:
  • Make a mission statement
    This is an important document.  It states why your company exists and it needs to inspire you and your employees.
  • Describe the desired behaviour
    How can you influence behaviour?  A good start is to write down the behaviour you would like to see.
    Include a direct link to what is important for your customer;  customers have different expectations for different types of companies or even different brands.
  • Individual coaching and training
    Your employees get more insight and understanding in their actions and how these influence others.
  • Teams or collaborating groups of employees
    Fun comes from achieving goals together; better results come from truely committed teams.
    With the right leadership and management you can build succesful empowered and committed teams.

Changing culture takes time and communication.  A lot of unambiguous communication.
CDI-Partners can help you develop a communication plan and a cultural change plan, setting out activities to effectively influence the culture of the organization.  CDI-Partners can facilitate change workshops and give coaching and training to your management and staff.

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