GDPR requires a no-blame culture

GDPR REQUIRES A NO-BLAME CULTURE It always strikes me that when I talk to business leaders about GDPR, they think data breaches have to do with hacking and sending mailings to people without consent. Well, at least the ones that have already heard of GDPR. And they are right, hacking and mailings are [...]

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CDI-Partners’ approach to GDPR compliancy

OUR APPROACH TO GDPR COMPLIANCY In four steps towards GDPR compliancy: Together with CDI-Partners Assess what GDPR risks apply to your company Analyse the underlying issues Determine the goals to achieve to be compliant Roadmap to become compliant! Download our flyer here! Bart Van Bouwel Managing Partner 0477/23.75.38 [...]

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9 redenen waarom uw bedrijf GDPR overleeft!

9 REDENEN WAAROM UW BEDRIJF GDPR OVERLEEFT! Wat is GDPR GDPR staat voor General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is een Europese verordening, wat betekent dat die niet moet worden omgezet in nationale wetgeving. De verordening werd reeds van kracht op 24 mei 2016, bedrijven en organisaties krijgen tot 25 mei 2018 om zich [...]

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