Leadership: The burden of command

LEADERSHIP: THE BURDEN OF COMMAND Leadership skills are still taken for granted too often.  How often have I seen people been promoted to team-lead, team coordinator, line manager or whatever creative title invented to serve the same purpose: to make them responsible for the results of a group of people without proper guidance. As [...]

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You get the IT you deserve

YOU GET THE IT YOU DESERVE Dear reader, I hope that you are at least a bit happy with your IT, otherwise sorry for being so blunt. A business school professor once told me MBA programs are very competitive. And, because of this, they stop teaching IT topics, taking them off the curriculum. [...]

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Get your customer in the driver’s seat

GET YOUR CUSTOMER IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT Wouldn’t it be great to have an IT department that worked on the right projects, delivered on time and within budget, with all the original functionality still in scope and implemented software without major bugs? When I ask people in a professional setting about their experience [...]

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Flexible Standardization

FLEXIBLE STANDARDIZATION “I’m not supposed to do this, but I’ll help you.” If, like me, you work with processes, you tend to pick up what people say about the way they are supposed to work. The quote comes from a very sympathetic customer service agent who got us new boarding passes. We were [...]

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