Dear reader,

I hope that you are at least a bit happy with your IT, otherwise sorry for being so blunt.

A business school professor once told me MBA programs are very competitive. And, because of this, they stop teaching IT topics, taking them off the curriculum. Apparently, business managers don’t like following classes about IT. They don’t think IT is their responsibility.  They just want it to work.

But here’s a strange thing. Although working with applications standardizes processes; building these applications is not standard at all. It is a very creative process, involving a lot of parties. Not unlike, for instance product development where sales, marketing, operations, finance all have demands because the product must be sellable, profitable and serviceable.

Applications must be user friendly, agile, supportable, performant, and able to service the needs of different departments. So, creating applications is a labour-intensive exercise, needing diplomacy, negotiation skills and strong leadership. And of course, some IT related development skills.

As a business leader, turning your back at IT projects is not a very good option. If you bring the customer perspective to the table, if you can inspire the team and communicate the vision, if you take the tough decisions, then the project will deliver. And you get the success you deserve.

If not, don’t blame IT, blame yourself. Yes, they are professionals and yes, they must know how to do their job. But they don’t know how to do yours.

Business-IT alignment is our passion. Check out the website to see how we can help you to achieve this.

Bart Van Bouwel
Managing Partner