Let IT drive value creation

CDI-Partners helps companies to streamline their business processes through IT. We assess and implement processes, organizational models and desired cultural behaviour to enhance Business – IT Alignment and to create more value for your customers at less cost for your company.

Bart Van Bouwel
Managing Partner

Jean-Luc Goedermans
Managing Partner


Changing processes is the most important lever you have for improvement.

Organizations should seek to formalize and standardize processes, while keeping enough flexibility to react to changing circumstances.

CDI-Partners can help with streamlining your existing processes and implementation of lacking processes.

Organizational Model

An enterprise is not static, it is a living entity. An organizational model therefore can’t be static either.

It has to be the best solution for the challenges a business encounters at a given point in time.

Optimizing the organizational model encourages entrepreneurship, simplifies communication and boosts moral.


You can’t change culture overnight, but it’s not impossible to change it.

Changing culture takes time and communication. 

CDI-Partners can help you develop a communication plan and a cultural change plan, setting out activities to effectively influence the culture of the organization.